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Markdown tools is a place holder for a collection of scripts/add-ons for John Gruber's Markdown If you are not familar with Markdown check out and the intro syntax page

Markdown basically is a light weight syntax for text files that creates html and looks good as the source text. Other markup projects typically have more features but the source text tends to look "busy".

Currently all the tools on this page are Python based has links to other tools and implementations on Markdown.

Markdown wysiwyg

A minimal basic web-based GUI editor for Markdown.

Demo version of markdown wysiwyg is here

Markdown wysiwyg uses:

Download from requires everything listed above bar widgEditor.

Table of Contents and title generator

An external post-processor that can be ran on the output that Markdown creates (the output could be generated with the original Perl version, Python, PHP, etc.).

An extension to python-markdown so that a title and table of contents can be generated at the same time markdown formatting is applied. See

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